Meet Our Board Members.png

The 2018-2019 Arts in the Park Board of Directors

Ingold, Nathan.png

Nathan ingold

President | Social Media & Promotions

Kuchefski, Brooke.png

Brooke kuchefski

Vice-President | Theatre Row

Hilleary, Greg.png

Greg hilleary

Treasurer | Commercial-News Tab

Tyner, Theresa.png

theresa tyner

Secretary | Children’s Art Tent

Coutant, Amanda.png

amanda coutant


Hagler, Shane.png

Shane hagler


Hoaks, Mel.png

mel hoaks

Kids Inspiring Kids & Chalk Contest

Lucas, Chris.png

chris lucas

Stage Scheduling

McGinnis, Karen.png

karen mcginnis


Redman, Ashley.png

ashley redman

Art of Food & Beverage

Schroeder, Monty.png

monty schroeder


Schroeder, Sherrie.png

sherrie schroeder

Artist & Donor Reception

Suttle, Rod.png

rod suttle

Art on Wheels Car Show

Thompson, Amy.png

amy thompson

Artist Procurement & Retention