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The Artist Promenade is home to nearly 50 artists from throughout the Midwest and even across the country who are dedicated to creating unique works of fine art. From pottery and jewelry to photography and lawn art, you will find something along the Artist Promenade that you can take home and cherish to remind you of Arts in the Park year-round.

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The Art of Food & Beverage allows patrons to experience the craftsmanship and artistry of local beverage and food establishments and may cause you to wonder if they just might have made their products with a brush and canvas. The Art of Food & Beverage is in its Junior year and will be presenting all-new participants in 2019.

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At just over 30,000 people, Danville is considered only a mid-size community, but that hasn't prevented it from exploding with talented performing arts groups. The decision was made in 2017 to provide a dedicated space at Arts in the Park to showcase these wonderful groups. We are bringing back a new and improved Theatre Row in 2019 that is more immersive and interactive to allow you to actually be part of the show and perhaps discover your own love for the performing arts.

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Widely popular in previous years, Pop-Up Artists will be returning in 2019! When the decision was made to move fine arts to the Artist Promenade in 2015, it moved our artists further away from the stage. So, what did we do? We brought the stage to them! Pop-Up Artists appear on two stages, a stage for acoustic acts at the north end of the Artist Promenade and a stage for amplified acts at the south end. This will allow our artists and patrons to see even more talent over the course of the event!